Disney nailed it with Moana

Moana is Disney’s most recent hit. The story is about a girl who turns her head to all opposition to run to what she felt was calling her in order to save her homeland.  She later realizes that the call she was feeling was coming from within herself.

I think that everyone should watch this movie. It was inspiring to me, even as a high schooler. Maybe this is the English nerd in me talking but the symbolism in the movie was so perfectly planned to resonate with older people, and the story was expressive enough for the message to resonate with children, even if they just understood the literal meaning. The message itself was a powerful one: When you listen to your heart, you can open yourself to your unknown potential.

As teenagers I think we get so wrapped up in things like school, extra-curriculars, relationships, friendships and college, that we forget what it’s like to chase something we’re passionate about. We smirk when we think about going with your gut or listening to your heart because doing something just to try it and see where it takes us just seems too pointless. But I think that if we took some time to think about this story, we could be surprised at how much we can learn:

The movie was about a girl who wanted to  venture far out into the ocean for no reason, other than the fact that she felt like it was calling her to save her island. She was perfectly fine where she was but she wasn’t satisfied until she went as far out as she wanted to go. Once that happened, she faced obstacles and opposition from her family but ended up doing something great by fighting the obstacles and opposition. Nothing told her to go out to sea except her heart. And when she listened to it, she was able to save a whole island. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t think with your head, but remember to listen to your heart as well. What you accomplish might surprise you.


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