Students awarded for work in Scholastic Art and Writing competition

These young artists have once again proven their talent on a grand scale.

The Scholastic Art and Writing awards released their 2017 art winners and this year, 38 artists from Mason High School won Gold Keys, Silver Keys, and Honorable Mentions.

Digital Image Design and Photography teacher Tina Roberts said that the number of students entered in the competition was lower than in previous years.

“(The amount of winners) was about the same,” Roberts said. “Although, I think we entered a little less this year than we have in past years.”

There are three regional awards a piece can win, and the highest scoring pieces move on to be judged nationally, Roberts said.

“Basically, there’s a gold key, a silver key, and an honorable mention,” Roberts said. “They get the key awards at the Regional level and at the National level they get the medals, and they get an actual medal. All of pieces that got gold key will then go on to national level judging.”

This is senior Emma Morrissey’s second year in the competition. She along with Lauren Fournier, Tasha Norris, and Jenny Wan earned gold keys this year. Morrissey said that she prepared long in advance and was excited to win awards again this year.

“I was really excited this year,” Morrisey said. “I knew (the awards were) coming and as soon as I got home from New York, (last year’s nationals) I was like ‘I want to do this again next year,’ so I got all of my pieces together. I submitted 10 in total and four of them won (awards).”

Morrissey said that she chose pieces to submit based on results from the previous year.

“You have to think about the judges, and pieces that won last year,” Morrissey said. “They like traditional work, but they also go for the oddball style, or something that’s kind of unique or provokes thought. (There are) a lot of applications of creativity that you normally wouldn’t see.”


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