The hoax of horoscopes

The stars have aligned–but does it really mean anything?

Horoscopes have been used for decades to determine someone’s personality based on their month. Theoretically, everyone born within the same range of days have similar personality traits and get along with the same types of people. Sure, they’re fun to look at and compare with your friends, but there’s no actually credibility to horoscopes.

A couple years ago, I was obsessed with looking at those horoscope Instagram accounts, and scrolling through each post, hoping that the traits of my star sign would match up with my personality–and on rare occasion they did. But most of the time, the personality traits offered for my sign were either too general to be compared (i.e. sweet), or completely off. For a period of time, I became disappointed when my personality didn’t match the one word description on a single post and I even desperately searched for moments in my life that would allow me to validate myself to make a connection.

As I spent more time on these accounts, however, I realized that there is no real meaning to a horoscope. There are over seven billion people in the world and it’s simply not possible for them to all fall under 12 categories and there is close to no practical distinction between any of the zodiac signs. If you look up a single sign, not only are descriptions inconsistent with one another, they are so general that they could be anything. Every sign has a synonym of smart, emotional, stubborn, sympathetic, and a few others. Once they are all analyzed, every zodiac signs seems to cover all bases of a human being and there is no reason to group ourselves into categories that barely exist.


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