Comet Skippers Teach Young Athletes New Techniques

Students jumped into improving their jump rope skills with the help of the Comet Skippers.

From June 14 to June 17 the Comet Skippers taught kids from both Mason and other school districts jump roping skills at Mason Intermediate School.

Comet Skipper assistant coach Andrej Kyselica said that while he placed importance on teaching jump rope techniques, he hoped to teach the campers about growing as people as well.

“We’re trying to teach them some skills and some techniques to improve their fitness, but really a lot of it’s around improving their character and work effort,” Kyselica said. “It takes a lot of perseverance and energy to stick with it for a whole week and that’s a big part of what they learn: how to work on something throughout the week.”

According to Kyselica, something enjoyable about the camp is that the Comet Skippers get to work with people from other schools and people outside their team.

“What’s neat about this is we’re working with other teams and other teachers, and we bring some people in to do tumbling and other things,” Kyselica said. “It’s pretty neat that (we get to work with) new friends, new dynamics, and we all learn a lot from each other in the process.”

Hannah Fee, an ingoing sixth grader at Columbia Intermediate School, said that she hoped to have learned new skills by the end of the week in addition to what she already knew.

“I’ve learned how to accomplish goals that you’re not used to and to push yourself to get better,” Fee said. “I want to learn how to do a quad in double-dutch and just get better at some of my single-rope tricks.”

Rising Mason sixth grader Anjali Surya said that she aspires to get better at jump rope and this camp helps her achieve that.

“(My ultimate goal) is being really good at jump rope basically,” Surya said. “This helps me because they teach me new tricks.”

Surya also said that besides learning new skills, her favorite thing about this camp was the friendliness of the staff members.

“All of the staff and everything are very nice and helpful,” Surya said.

Camp staff member and Comet Skipper Chutine Wei said that she attended this camp before joining the team learned a lot about jump rope and the Comet Skippers.

“I took this camp for one or two years before I joined the team,” Wei said. “It really helped me get more comfortable with the sport of jump rope. They really taught me a lot for tryouts especially, because I got to learn a whole bunch of tricks, I got to interact with some of the Comet Skippers, and it was just a great experience.”

According to Wei, the campers are continuing to become more comfortable with jump rope and with the staff members.

“The kids are getting a lot more comfortable with doing different kinds of tricks, especially the weird ones.” Wei said. “They’re getting more interactive with us, and it’s really great because they’re not only our students, they’re our friends too.”


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