January Favorite Recipe

In 2016, I want to add something to my blog. Yes, I LOVE to write, but cooking also is something I’m passionate about. At the end of each month, I want to post a recipe that I thought was delicious and fun to make. I will talk about the recipe, why I liked it, and a personal story.  I hope you enjoy trying these!

For this month, I wanted to highlight a recipe that has been my favorite for years: Anne Burrell’s Sour Cream cupcakes. These cupcakes are very easy to and make and not at all dry. When I first watched the show and heard that sour cream was an ingredient, I was skeptical. Before I watched that, I had never seen sour cream go into cupcakes. When I made them for the first time, I kept tasting the batter, because sour cream seemed very weird to me! But, when I took a bite out of a cupcake, the first thing I noticed was how moist it was. It tasted like a regular vanilla cupcake, only so much less dry.

I love this recipe because it is truly very simple. The ingredients are regular baking ingredients–nothing that you don’t already have at home. The buttercream frosting is also very tasty and easy to make. The chocolate pairs very well with the vanilla cupcake, and even those ingredients are easily accessible. In addition, I love this recipe because I think that baking really enjoyable (and extremely rewarding).

Seventh grade was when I really started to enjoy cooking, and these were the cupcakes I made whenever I signed up to bring a homemade dessert. In my English class, we had a “Coffee house” where we ate and read our writing to the class. I remember this day because I loved sitting in class mesmerized by lines in my peers’ writing, and being surrounded by amazing stories and clever one-liners. I also remember that day because I was the only one who brought food. I walked into class with three containers full of these cupcakes, and as I was passing them out, I heard a chorus of “yum”s from the class. This was so satisfying because I believe that baking has two purposes: To relieve oneself from sweet cravings and to make people happy. And I was able to do both with these cupcakes.

Get the recipe!

If you try these cupcakes out, let me know what you think!




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