i see it near me.

in the light it copies

my every move.

through the corner of my eye

i see its foot

arrogantly stepping in line with mine.

i freeze.

my Imposter

doesn’t even breath.

in the light

it runs behind me.

clutching my medals to its chest

holding my life in its hollow mind.

when you look  at me

you see my Imposter

lurking behind the curtains.


as the light diminishes

my Imposter waves goodbye.

it scurries away from the darkness

and leaves me alone

to find my way.

i frolic through

the ambiguity

with nothing beside me.

i march with no vision


from the unlit path.

as i feel through the air

swooshing beside me

and find my way

a light flickers on.

i smile and break

into a run.

but i look ahead

and stop in my tracks.

standing still

in the brightest of lights

waiting to greet me is

my Imposter.