True bonds never break

I feel like mothers and daughters have this unbreakable bond. And while the specific words of this poem don’t elude to my experiences, I wanted to show how the bonds between mothers and daughters are tight even after something that could have been on it’s way to breaking them. 

Fights and yelling matches

Words tossed around like stones

Leaving permanent scars of




You ruin my life-

That stone hit the mother in the face

When the scar appeared, she used it as fuel

A good daughter would never say that-

The daughter took the hit to her stomach and couldn’t breathe

But the scar formed, releasing every emotion.

Wailing. Screaming. Words misused.

A tornado formed above their heads

And they were sucked in

Propelled by the speed of the wind

Ready for more.

Shots fired.

Stones headed for the heart.

Scars slowly formed.

The heart bled and the tornado vanished

Back into thunderstorm.

The lightning marveled at its own glory

And the thunder roared in response.

Back and forth

Back and forth

All of a sudden, the lightning sensed the pain

Albeit the thunder’s arrogant bellows.

The tree stood petrified

Anticipating the final strike.

But it never came.

The lightning and thunder faded

Leaving rain and the tree.

The rain showered the tree with love and care

And it grew.

As it did

It leaned closer to the rain

In apology for wrongdoings.

The sun stayed hidden

Expecting the ultimate downpour.

But it never came.

The sun came out from behind the clouds.

It and mother Earth were the only left standing.

Every day

The sun provided.

Giving Earth life in spite of it’s own.

Earth gladly accepted

And revolved around the Sun

While taking it’s own separate path.

The solar system stood in anticipation

Waiting for the Sun to burst with anger

And the Earth to crumble into pieces.

But it never came.