Four and a Half Years

So I recently took this down because I thought it was cliche, but I put it back up because I realized that I didn’t care with this piece. This is my life, what I saw and how things happened. This piece IS a true story.

Nine years old and my life almost ended

Who knew that one second could cause so much pain?

A semi-truck came near our car

And the black ice almost won.

I woke up with my right arm and leg stiff

Solid as a rock

Unable to move.

The muscles were ice

My brain a tornado

of despair.

A spinal chord injury is a powerful bullet

But it didn’t strike hard enough to kill me.

My limbs can now move

Somehow that’s not enough.

Four and a half years later

I still hear about how I was stronger before.

It’s been four and a half years

And I’m still


Reaching for something. To make me as strong

As I was.

Because I’m still fighting and here to stay.

The black ice didn’t win.